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Address: 874 Mountain Highway, Bayswater VIC 3153
Phone: 03 9720 0822
Fax: 03 9720 0922
Brands and Models: Trakmaster models available are our Perentie, Sturt, Gibson, Kimberley, Nullarbor, Simpson & Tanami.
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Products / Service: Off - road caravans no need to worry about caravan parks, schedules or where you are going to sleep at night ... home is where you stop! An outback van from Trakmaster has features that will facilitate your stay in a remote and unserviced location ... get out the maps and start planning your adventures!

At Trakmaster, we are off-road enthusiasts. We know the outback. We know the demands that are placed on vehicles and equipment. We combine over forty years of outback experience with a range of engineering and trade disciplines to design a van from the ground up that will meet the challenges of the outback. Our outback experience is partnered to precise engineering, design skills and construction practice - a combination delivering quality, first class comfort, safety and security for a great adventure off the beaten track. Appointments such as twin water tanks and gas cylinders with stone guards, deep cycle batteries, cyclone tie-down points, security door and dust sealing to mention just a few of over seventy standard items.