RVMAA - Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association Australia
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about rvmaa


The RVMAA advises members of the latest Australian Design Rules (ADR's) plus the standards required for manufacturing, installation and safe use of products.

These include:

  • Gas and Electrical systems.
  • Towing and Undercarriage equipment.
  • Suspension and Braking systems.

As your RV represents a significant personal investment it is important you consult with the manufacturer of the vehicle or the manufacturer of component parts before any repairs are undertaken. Your RV manufacturer will happily supply details on where your RV can be serviced or repaired anywhere in Australia. Owner's should acquaint themselves with the time limits of warranties applying to their vehicle and component parts as specified by the manufacturer and sub-suppliers.

The RVMAA works with kindred organizations and governments on various issues relating to technical and safety aspects of recreational vehicle use and operation.